How many teams are you involved with in your life?  Your work team probably stands out the most and could probably use the most help.  Other teams include groups of community leaders, school system leaders, church leaders, families and the list goes on.  Each of these teams is charged with getting a task done or a problem to be resolved.  Wouldn’t it be monumental if your team could go through that in a productive, caring way?


Changing Times Consulting has created Authentic Engagement, a method that will build your team in a way that you couldn’t have imagined.  Through the methodology of knowing ourselves, embracing the other and learning communication skills, we guarantee that your team will be more effective and create engaged employees or volunteers.  Study after study say that a happy employee who feels valued contributing to the overall success of an organization will stay in their job much longer.  A recent Gallup poll said that employee dissatisfaction is at 70%.  That can be changed!


This process is experiential and interactive. I help you establish a culture where each member brings their best to the table and the team feeds off of one another’s skill sets, strengths and weaknesses. Your team will build positive changes in their relationships, productivity and their commitment to your organization.  This is about deep work and not the traditional day away from the office fun team building games we are all familiar with.  Participants walk away changed personally and in relationship with others on their team establishing a level of trust usually unknown in most team environments.


Your team needs Authentic Engagement if…

  • you have hired a new CEO or department head
  • your team has been charged with a new venture or project
  • a new team has formed for a specific purpose
  • employee morale is low

“Kim allowed me to talk through my staffing issue, giving me the space and time to come up with my own solution.  I was nervous and apprehensive about this issue and now feel empowered to move forward.  Kim is gifted when it comes to working with people.  She utilizes their strengths without exploiting weaknesses.  I’ve seen her do this whole process with a team and it is phenomenal."   Doreen Willett,  Executive Director,  Island Connections