We’ve determined life is really all about change; keeping up with it, embracing it and yes, dealing with the fears and downsides of it, both in our personal and professional lives.  I offer you the opportunity to explore these changes in a safe, confidential way where you actually make all the decisions yourself.  I partner with you as a peer and help you go within, moving through perceived obstacles, experiencing transformation and expansion.  Unlike a therapist who looks to your past to resolve current problems, we will focus on the present to enhance achievement and fulfillment.



Executive or business coaching is for you if…

  • You are a top performer who wants to be better
  • You are looking to change jobs or entire career path
  • You need guidance dealing with a problem in your company or organization
  • You need to improve your leadership skills, communication, time management or people management skills

“I was trying to make a vocational decision.  I couldn’t get my head and my heart to agree.  After a one-hour coaching session, the weight and stress that I had been carrying around for months was gone.  I had a clear cut ACTION path to get me to my next steps and I felt confident in my decisions.  Kim never told me what to do, but she did listen closely to what I was saying and helped me to reorganize my thoughts and goals into a more manageable format.  I feel like what I learned in an hour with her is not something I have been able to learn by reading 50 business and self-strengthening books.  So grateful for her service.”           Sarah Riffer, CEO, Adair YMCA


Life Coaching is for you if…

  • You’ve lost your passion and joy for life.
  • Are going through a life crisis, divorce, a death, illness.
  • Are becoming ill from the stress in your life.
  • Transitioning physically, or through a life stage (empty nester, for example)
  • Or simply have a full active life and want someone to help you keep in a positive flow