The key to success for an organization to move forward is a sound, living, breathing strategic plan.  It provides a sense of direction, defining where the organization is headed.  Included are measurable goals, resource analysis, time lines and evaluation tools.  Typically a plan is for three years with built in tools to analyze any opportunities or threats that surface in that time frame.  Benefits of a strategic plan include:

  • reevaluation of mission, vision and values
  • updated analysis of all areas that affect your organization
  • builds stronger boards and staff engagement
  • provides opportunity to "think out of the box" in an environment that is condusive to growth
  • guiding day to day decisions

and perhaps the most important...


We know lack of communication is the reason for almost every problem we face.



Executive or business coaching is for you if…

  • You are a top performer who wants to be better
  • You are looking to change jobs or entire career path
  • You need guidance dealing with a problem in your company or organization
  • You need to improve your leadership skills, communication, time management or people management skills



“I was trying to make a vocational decision.  I couldn’t get my head and my heart to agree.  After a one-hour coaching session, the weight and stress that I had been carrying around for months was gone.  I had a clear cut ACTION path to get me to my next steps and I felt confident in my decisions.  Kim never told me what to do, but she did listen closely to what I was saying and helped me to reorganize my thoughts and goals into a more manageable format.  I feel like what I learned in an hour with her is not something I have been able to learn by reading 50 business and self-strengthening books.  So grateful for her service.”           Sarah Riffer, CEO, Armed Services YMCA of Alaska