Hello Life and Game Changers!  

My name is Kim Harty and I work with individuals, organizations and communities to authentically navigate change in which individuals grow personally and teams thrive.  I so passionately believe in the idea of knowing oneself, getting to know the other, then creating change through a connected dynamic team. 

I draw on my experiences from multiple venues.  Professionally, for 20+ years I ran exemplary character based nonprofit organizations.  This work involved significant staff development and team dynamics along with the traditional skills of strategic planning, financial development, board governance, and community building.  A number of years ago I was introduced to a life changing approach to leadership and team development and have been expanding the process ever since. 

Personally, my adult life has been one of many changes, some wonderful, some not so good and some downright crises.  Throughout my entire adulthood I have been a follower of the personal growth, self-help world.  Norman Vincent Peale, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Parker Palmer, Wayne Dyer, Alan Cohen, Course in Miracles, Seth Godin are only a few of the many thought leaders and processes I have followed.  Interestingly, I am equally drawn to the wisdom of both business and personal growth authors.  The overriding theme of those I follow is living and leading through a heart-centered or authentic existence.

My consulting and coaching business is a perfect marriage of my professional career and the principles I have embraced in my extensive search for meaning.  I have found that I thrive on change and because of this have made it my life passion to be an expert on helping others navigate it themselves.  I have been called a  passionate visionary, innovator, natural leader and motivator.  I truly care about all whom I serve.


Team changer, executive and life coach, strategic planner, people connector, speaker/facilitator

  • Certified holistic life coach, Hay House author Alan Cohen
  • Certified Inside-First facilitator, Vail Leadership Institute
  • Organizational Leader, YMCA of the USA
  • 20+ years, executive director at YMCAs and art center
  • Masters in Human Services Administration, Springfield College
  • B.S. Business Administration/Marketing, Wayne State University