Are you a professional having a difficult time managing your work life and balancing your personal life? Are you going though a major life change and unsure how to proceed?  You may struggle with relationships, work/life balance, career analysis or having a clear vision of who you are and what you want. Wouldn't it be great to take a deep look at who you are, where you are in life and create a successful plan to get there?  I've put together a six week course to get you there.

During a six week process you will:

  • Examine your life with a heart-centered approach.
  • Write your own personal mission statement.
  • Examine all aspects of your life in detail.
  • Create your own personal strategic plan to achieve the spectacularly amazing life you are meant to lead!
  • Examine and address the obstacles that get in your way of living the life you are meant to lead.

Take the online course or better yet take the course with 4 hours of personal coaching that will walk you though each step, ensuring full engagement and caring support along the way.  

To get started click the button below and take a quick quiz to find out where you are out of balance.  Then let's have a call to identify ways to get that balance back and move forward in life the way you dream of and are meant to live.



Personal Coaching is for you if…..

You’ve lost your passion and joy for life.

Are going through a life crisis, divorce, a death, illness.

Are becoming ill from the stress in your life.

Transitioning physically, or through a life stage (empty nester, what’s next? for example).

Or quite simply have a very, full active life and want someone to help you keep in a positive flow.


“Sitting down and writing a mission and vision statement was very valuable for me.  It never occurred to me before to apply successful business strategies to my personal life.  Having a mission/vision statement certainly helps me focus on what I should be doing (because sometimes my life seems to have no real purpose)."

               - Christine, a mid 30s woman going through major life changes


“To be successful I needed to know myself and what I want.”  

                 -Teri, career pediatrician transitioning to next phase in life 


“In my entire career as a hospitality executive I’ve never focused on the personal or spiritual part of my life.  As I transition to part-time consulting and eventually retirement these tools caused me to become very reflective about what I want to do and more importantly to what end. I wish I had done this throughout my career.”

                 - Jim, hospitality execuitve transitioning to consulting